Welcome to the first ever DrupalCamp Pannonia!

We are more than happy to announce that the first ever DrupalCamp Pannonia is going to be held in Palić, Serbia. Palić is a small town near the city of Subotica, the northernmost city in the country of Serbia, 170 km / 106 mi far from Belgrade, the capital city.

The venue is the Grand Terrace (Velika terasa), located near the Palić lake coast. The Grand Terrace is about to host more than one hundred Drupal enthusiast from across the region of Pannonia, which includes participants from Hungary, Austria, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and many more. Of course, the event is open to anyone who loves Drupal or is about to become a “Drupalist”. We are welcoming anyone with open hands!

Come and join us! You can buy your ticket here. Do it before it’s too late - number of tickets is limited!

Did you know: Palić’s Grand Terrace was the venue of the second ever indoor tennis match, after the first one held in London. The Grand Terrace will now get its own “first” - the first ever DrupalCamp Pannonia!