How to Get to DrupalCamp Pannonia - Parking, ATMs, Registration

This weekend, the second edition of DrupalCamp Pannonia is being held in Palić, Serbia. The event venue stays the same - The Grand Terrace (Velika terasa), which will host one hundred Drupal enthusiasts this year.

DrupalCamp Pannonia 2019 - Schedule

The complete schedule for the second edition of DrupalCamp Pannonia is here and we are very excited about it - we hope that you are, too!


DrupalCamp Pannonia 2019

DrupalCamp Pannonia 2019

After the first successful DrupalCamp Pannonia, we are holding the second one on August 2-3 in the same, last year’s venue in Palić, Serbia.

Palić is a small town near the city of Subotica, the northernmost city in the country of Serbia, 170 km / 106 mi far from Belgrade, the capital city.

The venue is the Grand Terrace (Velika teresa), located near the Lake Palić coast.

We already have participants from Hungary, Austria, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania, Belarus, The Netherlands…


Second day of DrupalCamp Pannonia - Sessions

The second day, the first session is starting, everybody is still dizzy from the party the night before, but Stefan from 1xInternet woke us all up with his inspiring presentation.

In this presentation, we learned about React Native combined with decupled Drupal. How Stefan and his team made e-commerce subscription service for ordering meals “Eldum”. 

First day of DrupalCamp Pannonia - Sessions

Our opening session on DrupalCamp Pannonia was Floris from 040lab.

Floris is known speaker to the Drupal Community and this November he spoke about challenges Drupal as a platform faces every day.

The key points from his perspective are better promotion of Drupal Initiative, how to automate marketing and about powerful Drupal integrations with 3rd party services.

The main goal is to bring young and new people to the Drupal ecosystem, how to learn to influence surrounding about Drupal.

This weekend: DrupalCamp Pannonia - are you ready?

Are you ready for the first ever DrupalCamp Pannonia? We sure are! There’s a lot of stuff happening this weekend in Palić and Subotica, so here are some tips and tricks to have a more pleasant stay!

Schedule announced


Drupal Camp Pannonia Schedule Announced

See you on November the 1st, do not miss breaking the ice in Stara Picerija. 

CommerceGuys CEO is our main speaker this year!

Yes, you’ve read that right - our main keynote speakers are Ryan Szrama - CommerceGuys CEO, and Bojan Živanović - Drupal Commerce project lead, so you can already guess that our main topic of this year’s conference is going to be commerce.

Of course, Ryan and Bojan won’t be the only speakers at the event - many more speakers and talks are expected, plus, we are going to have two separate tracks on the site.

Party venue announced

No DrupalCamp can go by without a proper party after a long day of keynotes and workshops. “Sharing is caring”, of course, but so is getting closer together and making new friends at the conference parties.

Welcome to the first ever DrupalCamp Pannonia!

We are more than happy to announce that the first ever DrupalCamp Pannonia is going to be held in Palić, Serbia. Palić is a small town near the city of Subotica, the northernmost city in the country of Serbia, 170 km / 106 mi far from Belgrade, the capital city.