How to Get to DrupalCamp Pannonia - Parking, ATMs, Registration

This weekend, the second edition of DrupalCamp Pannonia is being held in Palić, Serbia. The event venue stays the same - The Grand Terrace (Velika terasa), which will host one hundred Drupal enthusiasts this year.

If you’re coming to Palić and Subotica a day earlier, we have prepared something for you, too! We are holding a pre-camp meetup with at Stara Pizzeria pub on Thursday at 20:00. If you’re coming by foot, you won’t find it hard to get to Stara Pizzeria. If you’re coming by car, you will have to park a bit further from Stara Pizzeria, because it's located in the pedestrian-only zone. You can park at the Open University parking lot (click here for Google Maps) - there’s a ramp which will scan your license plates. Parking is free if you exit it after 19:00. Once you park, you can easily get to Stara Pizzeria by using these directions.

On Friday, registration starts at 9:00, along with our fabulous breakfast which includes fresh pastries (sweet and savoury) from a very local bakery. You don’t want to miss those - so if you’re coming by car, make it on time! The Grand Terrace is located in the Palić Park which doesn’t have car paths, so you will have to park on one of the marked locations below. These parkings are free of charge. Each of them is less than five minutes by foot away from the venue.

Also on Friday, we're having a party in the evening. It's being held at Woman's Lido - Ženski štrand, which is 5 minutes on foot from our main venue. The party starts at 20:30.

During the event and its activities, you won’t need any money. If you, however, want to withdraw some cash (Serbian dinars - current rate is 1€ = 117.72 RSD)  - there are plenty of ATMs available in Subotica’s main pedestrian street Korzo, but if you’re staying in Palić, there are two ATMs available and the locations marked below. Pay attention to your card issuer’s fees for withdrawing money at foreign banks!

Don’t forget, if you need any further assistance, please, send us a direct message on Twitter - @dcpannonia. We will provide you with more details ASAP.

During the event, we will do our best to make you feel like at home.

Can't wait to see you all in Palić - let's have a great summer edition of DrupalCamp Pannonia!