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By plane

Subotica doesn't have an intercity airport. The nearest airports are in Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport (about 180 km away - major European airlines fly to Belgrade and the Serbian national airline Air Serbia flies to all major cities in Europe), Budapest Listz Ferenc International Airport (200 km), and less recommended in Timișoara Traian Vuia International Airport (160 km, but requires more time to drive from there).


By train

Subotica is accessible from Belgrade and Budapest by the fast international train (Subotica is located on its route), that starts its journey from Prague and travels to Belgrade (and vice versa). There are also direct trains running from Novi Sad. Timetable can be checked at the Serbian Railways website.


By bus

Buses are also an option when traveling from some nearby large cities like Novi SadBelgradeBudapestZagrebSzeged or Sombor. They are usually more expensive but are also, more often than not, faster than most local trains, and thus can be recommended, unless you want to experience the more unique domestic experience.


By car

A1 motorway (E75), Serbia's longest and most important road, passes through the city limits, if you prefer travel by car. If you're travelling from Hungary, you need "matrica" on the M5 road from Budapest to the border-crossing (it costs around 3000 HUF). If you're travelling from within Serbia, toll price is around 600 RSD if travelling from Belgrade and around 350 RSD if travelling from Novi Sad.

Hitchhiking across Serbia is still acceptable and most drivers will treat you like a friend. However, necessary precautions should still be taken.


Passport and Visa

All Serbia visitors need to have a valid passport when entering the country. Citizens of the European Union, the United States or countries party to the Schengen Agreement don't need to obtain a visa to stay in Serbia for las than 90 days. Citizens of EU can enter the country with valid national ID card as well. We suggest that you check with your country's consulate to make sure whether you need a visa to travel to Serbia or not. The orga-team is happy to send an official invitation letter to attendees who need to obtain a visa. If you need to apply for a visa, please let us know as early as possible at