About DrupalCamp Pannonia

DrupalCamp Pannonia is an annual Drupal event being held in the Pannonia region. The first iteration of this Drupal camp is going to be held in Palić, Serbia on November 2-3, 2018. Palić event is being organized by joint forces of two Drupal development agencies.

Our main goal with this year's DrupalCamp is to put the area of Pannonian region to the Drupal map and to create a hub for everyone in the Drupal world who’s interested in what this region has to offer. We are expecting more than hundred participants from Serbia, Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Austria and other parts of Europe.

Our main speakers this year are none other than Ryan Szrama and Bojan Živanović from CommerceGuys, but there are many more to come. Beside learning new stuff, you will get the chance to meet other developers, themers and designers from other development companies - if you are a Drupal enthusiast and don’t have a job yet, this may be the perfect place to find one! If you are a CEO looking for a talented Drupal developer, make sure to stop by.

You can buy your tickets here.

For any help: info@drupalcamppannonia.com

We can't wait to host you in Palić!

The venue is held by the non-profit organization "IT Cluster - Subotica".